Roeseliana roeselii

Roeseliana roeselii or Metrioptera roeselii, also known as Roesel’s Bush-cricket

Roesel’s Bush-cricket is a relatively large and colourful bush-cricket distinguished from other similar species by the yellow-green markings along the side of the abdomen and matching markings along the entire edge of the pronotum. The specimen in the photograph is a female. She has a long ovipositor at the end of her abdomen which she uses to lay eggs in the stalks of plants.

Up until the early 20th century Roesel’s Bush-cricket was only found along the south coast of the UK, but it has been steadily expanding it’s range and is now found throughout southern and central England.

It typically occurs in damp meadows and ungrazed, undisturbed grasslands. It is omnivorous feeding on grasses, seeds and small insects.

It is almost entirely wingless, but occasionally winged, macropterous forms occur. The macropterous form is a dispersal phase and enables the species to spread more rapidly. The occurrence and environmental controls on the winged form of the species has been the subject of recent research.