Stenocorus meridianus

One of the UKs largest Longhorn Beetles

Longhorn Beetles get their name from their typically long antennae. Many are very colourful and may show sexual diamorphism. The adults feed on pollen while the larvae are almost all wood-feeders, eating living and dead timber.

Stenocorus meridianus is found throughout southern and central England. Adults are generally seen on flowers in June and July, but during a warm spring may be active from mid-May onward. The larvae feed on broadleaf trees, although UK Beetles notes that the age and condition of the wood and the presence of fungi is important in deciding a host.

The beetle in the photo is a female, being characterised by the black prothorax. Other distinguishing features include long, dark antennae with a pale orange base and very long dominantly orange legs with dark apices of the femora and tibiae, and the entire tarsi black.